Learn how to and why you need to activate your new credit card.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    On Inactive Cards:

  • Why are Metrobank credit cards delivered inactive?
      All Metrobank credit cards are now delivered inactive, whether these are new cards or re-issued cards. This is an industry practice as it is regulated by the BSP for the security of the accounts of cardholders.
  • Why did I get a replacement inactive card if my current card is still valid?
      Metrobank Card may issue its existing cardholders replacement cards as part of an upgraded technology on the cards; such as the latest Contactless technology that enables quicker payments with a simple tap for everyday purchases.

      For more information on Contactless technology, please visit metrobankcard.com/mccctls.
  • Why do I need to activate my card?
      Your card needs to be activated so that you can use the card for your purchases. If you use an inactive card, your transaction will not push through.

      Activating your card also secures your account.
  • When can I use my new card?
      You may use your new card as soon as you receive an SMS regarding the successful activation.

  • Card Activation

  • What technology will Metrobank Card use to help facilitate credit card activation?
      Metrobank Card uses a proactive tool to enable automated communication platforms to reach cardholders through automated SMS, voice calls, and emails; and allow them to activate their newly-delivered cards faster and with more convenience.
  • Why is an automated communication system needed?
      Many cardholders need to be reminded to activate their new card to fully enjoy its latest perks and privileges. Metrobank Card would like to extend its services to provide direct assistance to the cardholders so that they would not have to initiate the card activation process.
  • What are the information that will be required from me in order to activate my new card?
      Only the principal cardholder will be contacted for the activation process and undergo a verification process. The principal cardholder must prepare the newly delivered cards.
  • How soon will Metrobank Card contact me after my card has been delivered?
      Metrobank Card will initiate communication with the cardholder upon successful confirmation of receipt of the credit card through delivery reports generated within Metrobank Card.
  • Why do I keep on getting SMS/calls?
      Metrobank Card designed a system to provide cardholders regular reminders until the credit card has been successfully activated through instructional and automated voice calls, SMS or email.

      Metrobank Card aims to communicate with the cardholders via multiple touchpoints (call, SMS, or email) to ensure a number of options are given to activate their new credit card using their preferred platform.
  • Who will call or text me? What are the numbers I can expect that will call me?
      Calls are fully automated in order to guide the cardholders better by providing a set of precise instructions designed for the fastest and most convenient way to activate the credit card. This also eliminates most errors in activating the card.

      Official messages from Metrobank Card are as follows:
    • SMS – sender will appear as MCC
    • Voice – caller will show long code set of numbers
    • Email – sender will appear as activation@metrobankcard.com
  • What will happen if I do not reply?
      You may opt to activate through our traditional channels (see end of FAQs), otherwise Metrobank Card will keep on trying to contact you until your credit card has been successfully activated.
  • If I get cut in the middle of the conversation, how do I continue with the process? Will I expect another call?
      Unless you have received a confirmation message, the activation process during that particular call did not push through. Metrobank Card will keep on contacting you or you may opt to activate through our traditional channels (see end of FAQs).
  • How do I confirm if my activation was successful
      You will receive an SMS stating that your activation was successful.
  • Can I opt out of these reminders and automated communications? I do not want to be contacted anymore?
      Please inform us through our Customer Service Hotline at 88-700-700 or through our domestic toll free hotline 1800-1888-5775.

      Alternatively, you may activate your new cards on your own through the traditional channels (see #15).
  • Are there other ways that I can activate my card?
    You can activate through the following traditional channels:
    1. SMS: Send “ACT<16digitcard number>” to 225622
    2. o ex: ACT 1234567890123456
    3. Web: bit.ly/MCCActivateNow
    4. Call: (02) 88-603-030