• What is a contactless credit card?
    Contactless credit card enables secure and faster paperless payments anywhere with a simple tap on any contactless-enabled point-of-sale terminal with the contactless symbol. You can now enjoy quicker transaction times without the need to sign for everyday purchases worth Php2,000 and below.
  • How does contactless card work?
    Simply tap the contactless-enabled card on point-of-sale terminals with the contactless symbol to make payments for goods and services worth Php2,000 and below.
  • Will I still be asked to sign a card sales slip?
    There will be no signature required when making contactless payments for purchases worth Php2,000 and below.
  • What will happen if I make payments for purchases over Php2,000?
    You may expect the merchant to ask for your signature for purchases of goods and services exceeding Php2,000.
  • Will I get a receipt after I make a payment?
    Contactless payments are designed to make quick, paperless tap-and-go payment without receipts for purchases below Php2,000, but you can request for a receipt anytime should you need one.
  • Is it safe to use contactless cards since signature is no longer required?
    Contactless payments are safe. The EMV chip card creates a unique transaction code for each payment made using your contactless credit card. These codes can never be used again for any new transactions.
  • What if the credit card terminal does not accept contactless cards?
    You can make payments through the regular swiping or dipping method using your credit card on terminals that do not have the contactless capability.
  • Can I use the Metrobank contactless credit card abroad?
    Your contactless Metrobank credit card may be used to pay anywhere there is a contactless credit card payment terminal for both local and internal purchases.
  • What are the benefits of contactless transactions?
    • Contactless transactions are fast, easy and secure.
    • You can enjoy quicker transaction times and shorter queues without the need to wait for receipts, unless you require one.
    • You do not need to sign for everyday purchases worth Php2,000 and below.
    • You are protected against fraud because the chip on your contactless-enabled card uses a unique code for each transaction.
  • What are the merchants accepting contactless transactions?
    You may use your contactless cards to make tap-and-go payments at the following merchants:
    • Ace Hardware
    • Baby Company
    • Bata
    • Caltex
    • Chowking
    • Costa Coffee
    • Crate & Barrel
    • Crocs
    • Forever 21
    • Greenwich*
    • Jollibee*
    • Kultura
    • Lander's
      • Arcovia
      • Balintawak
      • Cebu
    • Miniso
    • Red Ribbon*
    • Rustan's
    • S & R*
    • Tim Horton's

    *available at selected branches only
    Merchants accepting contactless transactions are increasing. Simply look for the contactless symbol on the point-of-sale terminal to know if the merchant accepts contactless cards.
  • Can I still use my existing chip card (EMV) even if I have received my contactless card?
    Yes, you can still use your existing card as long as you haven’t activated the new contactless card yet. But be mindful of your old card’s expiry date.
  • Here are some quick reminders to ensure smooth and safe use of your card at various establishments.
    • Ensure that you sign at the back of your card immediately upon receipt of your card.
    • Your Metrobank Contactless Credit Card may be used to pay for purchases of any amount at accredited contactless merchant establishments. Please note that contactless transactions in the amount of Php2,000 or less do not require your signature on the charge slip. These transactions are considered as authorized by you and act as your waiver to dispute validity of such transaction/s due to absence of signature.
    • Keep an eye on your card at all times when you give it to the store personnel/cashier to pay for your purchases.
    • Always compare and check the amount on the charge slip against the total amount on your receipt.
    • Review your credit card Statement of Account to spot unfamiliar transactions.
    • Avoid being charged late fees and other charges by always paying at least the minimum amount due on time.

    * Any usage of Metrobank Contactless Card at any contactless Point of Sale (POS) terminals, shall be subject to the terms and conditions as set by Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, Mastercard, and VISA from time to time.