We will be lowering the following fees and charges on all Metrobank credit cards starting November 3, 2020 in compliance with BSP Circular No. 1098.

Finance Charge Rate: 24% annual or 2% monthly
The monthly finance charge rate will be reduced to 2% for all credit cards. The new rate will apply to all unpaid balances and cash advance transactions availed starting November 3, 2020.

Monthly Add-On Installment Interest Rate: maximum of 1%
All new Metrobank Balance Transfer, Cash2Go and Balance Conversion availed starting November 3, 2020 will have a maximum monthly Add-On Rate of 1%. If you have existing installments availed before November 3, 2020, there will be no changes and the rates for your existing installments at time of availment shall prevail.

Cash Advance Fee: P200.00
The Cash Advance Processing Fee will be fixed at P200 per transaction, regardless of the amount of the cash advance.

Please refer to the updated table of fees and charges of all our credit cards at metrobankcard.com/cards/compare-all

Disclaimer: While printed collaterals may still bear the old interest rates and fees, rest assured that the updated rates and fees will take effect from November 3, 2020.

These rates are subject to change based on the review that will be conducted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas every six (6) months.