I/We hold myself/ourselves liable for all obligations and liabilities incurred with the use of the Metrobank credit card/s issued to me/us. I/We warrant that I//we shall be jointly and severally liable for the same obligations and that I/we hereby commit myself/ourselves to the following declarations: (1) I/We certify that the foregoing facts are true and correct; (2) I/We authorize and consent METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COMPANY (“Metrobank”), its affiliates, subsidiaries, third-party service providers and assigns to process, transfer, share, disclose and communicate any and all of my/our personal data as defined under the R.A. 10173 (the "Data Privacy Act of 2012") and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, information relating to my/our credit card accounts, or any of my/our Principal or Supplementary credit card Member's basic credit data and any and all information concerning myself/ourselves, my/our properties or investments with Metrobank, to any of the offices, branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representatives of Metrobank and third parties selected by any of them, including other financial institutions for purposes of credit verification, collection, and credit review and scoring, statistical and risk analysis, and to entities tasked to provide consumer credit reporting or reference schemes, monitor and curb anti-money laundering activities, including but not limited to the National Privacy Commission, Credit Information Corporation ("CIC") and Anti-Money Laundering Council, pursuant to RA 10173 (the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”), R.A. 9510 (the “Credit Information Act of 2008”), R.A. 9160, as amended by R.A. 9194 (the "Anti-Money Laundering Act"), and R.A. 8484 (the "Access Device Regulation Act of 1998"), and their respective implementing rules and regulations; 3) I/We authorize and consent Metrobank to acquire my/our personal data and any information from/our Metrobank and Philippine Savings Bank ("PSBank") and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates to facilitate the approval of my/our credit card application as well as credit card transactions, e.g., cash advance, increase in credit limit, etc., initiated upon my/our own initiative and in the event of default arising from non-payment of credit card obligations with Metrobank; (4) I/We understand that should my/our application be denied, Metrobank has no obligation to furnish the reason for such rejection except when the denial is based on credit data from the CIC used in the evaluation of my/our application; (5) I/We authorize Metrobank, its authorized representative/s and/or agent/s to verify and investigate these facts from whatever source it may deem appropriate; and (6) I/We agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS governing the issuance and use of a Metrobank credit card.

Conformity to Terms & Conditions of Metrobank: The (1) signing of the application form; (2) delivery of acknowledgment receipt; or (3) use of the credit card/s shall constitute my/our express consent as card Member/s and shall constitute a waiver of claims and exempt Metrobank, any of its offices, branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representatives, and/or the Metrobank Group from liability under any and all bank deposit secrecy laws, including but not limited to, R.A. 1405 (the “Law on Secrecy of Bank Deposits”), R.A. 6426 (the “Foreign Currency Deposit Act”); R.A. 8791 (the “General Banking Law”), as well as R.A. 10173 (the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”) and other confidentiality laws enforced or which may hereinafter be enforced.