• Why are we replacing our cards?
    We are progressively adding electronic chips to our range of cards to provide you with enhanced protection against fraud. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company is always working on card security and these changes are consistent with new global standards which will also make it easier to use your card overseas.
  • What is an EMV-compliant chip card?
    A chip card has an embedded security microchip which activates upon contact with an EMV terminal. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa. It is the global standard for chip based debit and credit card transactions. It is a joint effort between Europay, Mastercard and Visa to ensure security and global acceptance so that Mastercard and Visa Cards can continue to be used everywhere.
  • What are the benefits of a chip card?
    • More secure – a card with a security chip is more secure than one with just the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, as it makes it harder for fraudsters to copy credit card details.
    • More readily accepted overseas – chip technology is fast becoming the global standard for card security. In Europe and Asia, it is already being widely used and has proven to be effective in preventing fraud.
  • How does a chip card differ from a card with just a magnetic stripe?
    A chip card is more secure than a card with just a magnetic stripe on the back, because it is more difficult for someone to fraudulently copy your card.
  • How does the chip card provide additional security and help to prevent fraud?
    Chip cards can store encrypted confidential information. Each transaction generates a unique ID which significantly helps to protect the card against counterfeit fraud. It does not store any additional personal data.
  • How does the chip card work at the point of payment?
    When a chip card is offered as a mode of payment for goods and services, the card is “inserted/dip” into the POS terminal, instead of swiping. Upon approval, you will sign on the approval charge slip to complete the purchase transaction.
  • Can I use the chip card overseas?
    Yes, you can use this chip card for overseas transaction.
  • Are other countries planning to use chip cards?
    Chip is fast becoming the global standard for card security. Chip cards are now the dominant card type for transactions throughout Europe and increasingly in Asia. Many countries are in the process of migrating to chip card technology.
  • Can I use the chip card for online purchases or at ATMs?
    Yes, the chip card functions in the same way as the present magnetic stripe cards, for both online purchase and at ATMs.
  • What will happen to my Bills2Pay, Installment and other recurring payment arrangements?
    Any existing Bills2Pay, Installment plans and/or other recurring payment arrangement will continue to be processed under the new chip card.
  • Can I proactively replace my mag stripe card to chip card?
    Yes, but a replacement fee of Php400 will be charged to your billing/account.
  • I have a designymycard when will I receive my chip card?
    The designmycard feature has been upgraded for the new chip card. Should you wish to avail, please visit www.designmycard.com.ph and upload your favorite photo/image and click on the image of your existing Metrobank credit Card. Your first request for a new card design is free. Succeeding requests will be charged a fee of Php150.00