Metrobank Card is proud to be the first in the Philippine payment solutions industry to introduce M Connect, an innovative and automated voice, text, and email payment verification service that helps us connect better with you.

From time to time, you may receive an M Connect call from Metrobank Card to remind you of your payment due date, confirm your next payment date, and assist you with other payment-related concerns.

How M Connect works:

  • All calls will be initiated by Metrobank Card using the toll free number 1800-11101685 or 1800-11101686 and will state for whom the call is intended.
  • Once you receive a call, you will go through a customer verification process to ensure that we are speaking to the correct party.
  • As soon as your identity is verified, you will be asked to use your phone’s keypad to confirm your latest payment details or your next payment schedule.
  • If you have additional queries, you may opt to transfer the call and speak to a Metrobank Card representative.
  • In case you are unavailable to answer the call, we will send you an SMS using +63922-9992213 with instructions on how to contact us at your most convenient time.
  • Please take note of the M Connect numbers 1800-11101685, 1800-11101686 and +63922-9992213. These numbers have been secured by Metrobank Card to ensure a better connection for you.

Start enjoying the benefits of M Connect. Update your contact information by calling us at 8-700-711 or send an email to now.