Secure Online Shopping One Time Password (SOS-OTP) with your Metrobank credit card

Your online shopping security has been enhanced!

A unique SOS-OTP will be sent to your mobile phone every time you use your Metrobank credit card in participating online merchants.

Please ensure that your mobile numbers on record are updated for both principal and supplementary cardholders to ensure receipt of your SOS-OTP. Should you wish to update your mobile numbers, please call our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 88-700-700 or 1-800-1888-5775.

    What you should know about your credit card
    Thank you for visiting this page. You’re on your way to being more card savvy! Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) helps you maximize the benefits of owning your credit card by knowing more about the responsibilities associated with it.

    What’s in the fine print?
    Reading the full terms and conditions associated with any credit card can seem daunting. Click here for bite-sized tidbits that will help you understand your credit card better.

    Card Security
    Fraudsters are always looking for their next victim. Don’t let it be you. Arm yourself with these security tips so you can maximize the power of your credit card:
    1. Do not surrender your card to anyone. Metrobank will never require you to surrender your card for any reason.
    2. Never disclose sensitive information, such as your credit card details and personal data, to anyone.
    3. Regularly update your contact details. Always inform Metrobank of any changes with your contact number and address so you can be informed of any suspicious activities on your credit card.
    4. Watch out for any One-Time-Password message, especially when you are not making any online transactions. This is a sign that your account has been compromised.
    5. Immediately report lost or stolen credit cards to Metrobank for blocking purposes to avoid unauthorized transactions.

    It is best to be proactive and always be safe. Remember, cardholders are responsible for all transactions made using their credit cards. You can avoid disputing unauthorized transactions (and the time and effort that goes with it) by being more vigilant.
    Click here for more tips on how you can protect your card from fraudsters.

    A disputed transaction is any charge on your account that you do not believe is valid. Time is crucial when attempting to dispute a charge – you must notify Metrobank of the invalid transaction within 20 days upon receipt of your billing statement.

    How do I dispute a charge on my credit card statement?
    You can dispute incorrect charges on your credit card statement. We can help you determine if a charge is valid and guide you through how to dispute it.

    Do you think your card has been incorrectly charged? Follow our dispute checklist to find out!

  • Is the date unfamiliar?
    Transactions may be posted a few days late so you may need to check your receipts.
  • Can’t recognize the merchant name?
    Sometimes merchant names vary on statements so you may check your receipts to see if there is any that matches the transaction amount in question.
  • Have you dealt with this merchant before?
    Sometimes merchants such as hotels or car rental companies apply delayed or amended charges for their services.
  • Did you recently sign up for a trial offer?
    If you have an unauthorized charge on your account, you need to immediately notify Metrobank by calling our Customer Service through their hotline number 88-700-700. Your credit card must be immediately blocked to prevent any further fraudulent/unauthorized transactions.
  • Is there an unauthorized charge on your account?
    If you have an unauthorized charge on your account, you need to immediately notify Metrobank by calling our Customer Service through their hotline number 88-700-700. Your credit card must be immediately blocked to prevent any further fraudulent/unauthorized transactions.
  • How do I file my dispute?
    Once you have determined that a charge on your credit card account is invalid, notify Metrobank right away. You may call our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 88-700-700 Domestic Toll-Free Hotline 1-800-1888-5775 (using a PLDT line), or International Toll-Free Hotline at (+your country and area codes) 800 8700 0707 and provide the details of the disputed transaction/s, including the transaction date, merchant name, description of the transaction and the reason for the dispute. You will be prompted by our Customer Service to formally file your dispute by accomplishing the dispute form. Note that the card schemes have set of rules and timeframes in handling disputed transactions so it is important that the signed letter of dispute is sent within 2 business days. You may send back the accomplished dispute form via fax (+632) 898-7394 or email . Depending on the dispute reason, you may also need to provide supporting documents. (Please refer to the dispute checklist.)

  • Retrieval Request
    Metrobank may request a copy of the transaction receipt from the merchant. Once fulfilled, a copy of the transaction slip along with a letter will be sent to you. Please allow up to 45 days to receive this. If, after reviewing the transaction receipt, you determine that the charge is not valid, simply advise Metrobank (detailed instructions will be included in the body of the letter). Depending on the information provided in your response and how quickly you respond, we will pursue an investigation and initiate a dispute on your behalf. 

    Please note that Metrobank does not deal directly with merchants. Customer disputes are handled with the merchant's financial institution.

    Before you call Metrobank

    Communicate with the merchant
    The easiest way to get a charge off of your credit card statement is to communicate with the merchant directly. Coordinate your concern to a sales clerk or to the store manager and provide them with the receipts and other documentation related to the transaction. Often, they can correct the mistake and give you a refund. Online merchants respond to emails and effect credit adjustments for the disputed transaction/s within 2-3 days.

    Document your interaction with the merchant and include details such as the date, time, the subject of the conversation, a reference number (if available), and any email correspondence. Metrobank will use this information to investigate the dispute. 

    Pay your bill
    It may take Metrobank several weeks to investigate the dispute. While investigation is ongoing, it is best to continue to settle your credit card bill. If the dispute is successful, you will be refunded along with the fees incurred. 


  • How do I know which dispute reason to use when filing?
    There are several reasons for the dispute. Check our dispute reason list below. Examples of disputed charges include, but are not limited to:
    Dispute Reason Description Supporting Documentation Required
    UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTION Being charged for an item you didn’t purchase. Did not sign any slip nor received goods/services from the merchant. This will require blocking of the credit card used for the transaction. Dispute Form
    UNRECOGNIZED TRANSACTION Do not recognize the transaction and would like to request for a copy of the signed slip. Please bear in mind that a retrieval fee of PHP300.00 per transaction slip will be charged in case transaction is confirmed valid. Dispute Form
    DUPLICATE BILLING Being charged twice for one purchase Dispute Form
    INCORRECT AMOUNT BILLED Amount processed/billed was for the wrong amount Dispute Form and copy of the proof of payment showing the correct transaction amount
    PAID BY OTHER MEANS Transaction was paid via other means (e.g. cash, another credit card, cheque, etc.) Dispute Form and copy of the other mode of payment receipt
    CANCELLED TRANSACTION/ SERVICE Transaction was cancelled and should not have been billed. Dispute Form and copy of the acknowledged cancellation letter
    NON-RECEIPT OF GOODS/SERVICE Failure to receive ordered products Dispute Form and copy of communication with merchant attempting to resolve the dispute
    DEFECTIVE OR NOT AS DESCRIBED Receiving damaged merchandise Dispute Form and copy of communication with merchant attempting to resolve the dispute
    CREDIT NOT PROCESSED Failure to receive a refund Dispute Form and copy of the credit memo issued by the merchant
  • Can I put a stop payment on credit card purchases?
    There is no stop payment option for purchases made with your credit card, a convenience cheque or otherwise with your credit card account. If you have a valid dispute, Metrobank may be able to assist you.
  • Will I receive a credit each time I dispute a transaction?
    Although we may be able to assist you with resolving your dispute, Metrobank cannot guarantee that the final outcome will be in your favor. 

    Depending on several factors, including whether you initiate the dispute in a timely manner, the availability of required documentation, and if merchant evidence proves the charge is valid, you may not receive a credit for the disputed charge. 

    While every case is unique, Metrobank aims to credit your account for charges that are not valid in the shortest possible time. In most cases where a charge is determined not to be valid, a credit can appear as quickly as on your next statement. 

    To help us serve you quickly, please notify Metrobank within 20 days from receipt of your billing statement any disputed transaction and ensure that all requested documentation is complete and returned promptly.
  • How do I protect myself from being charged for phone, mail or online purchases that I cancelled?
    Before you authorize any purchase, make sure you read and understand the merchant's delivery, return and cancellation policies.

    Once you have cancelled your order, keep a complete record of your cancellation details, including the date and time that the product or service was cancelled. If you returned the merchandise, retain the shipping company invoice or tracking number showing merchandise returned and keep clear records of any communication you’ve had with the merchant, such as faxes, emails and details of phone conversations.
  • Why does Metrobank have to request a copy of my transaction receipt when I dispute a transaction?
    Depending on the type of dispute, Metrobank may request a copy of the transaction receipt from the merchant, as it contains information that is required to investigate your dispute. Also, additional information provided on the transaction receipt may help you recognize the charge. 

    As merchants retain transaction receipt copies, Metrobank will initiate a request for a copy from the merchant. This request may take up to 45 days to process.
  • Quick Tips
    • Review your billing statement promptly and do not delay filing of dispute.
    • The fastest way to resolve a problem with a purchase or transaction is to work directly with the merchant. If you can’t resolve the issue with the merchant, you must initiate a dispute with Metrobank within 20 days from the receipt of the SOA.
    • If a dispute arises, document all communication with merchant and explore every avenue to resolve the situation before it is escalated to Metrobank.
    • Ensure you choose the correct reason when filing the dispute, and provide the complete, clear and legible documentation necessary to process the dispute. Please refer to the dispute checklist.
    • Ensure you provide the accomplished dispute form right away together with the necessary supporting documentation.
    • Do not give your credit card PIN to anyone.
    • In your purchases, especially for online transactions, ensure to be aware of the merchant’s return, reimbursement and service cancellation policies.
    • After dispute filing and investigation, a sales draft and/or merchant documents may be provided to you. Please review the document/s carefully and respond immediately. If the documents fail to address your dispute, you will need to provide a progressive letter rebutting the merchant explanation/documents within 5 days from receipt of the documents.

  • We would love to hear from you
    Metrobank’s thrust is to keep its customers aware of relevant information. We offer here general tips and suggestions only, and regularly update this page for information that you might find helpful. Note that these tips may not necessarily apply to your credit card account. For questions regarding your account, or to suggest additional topics for us to feature, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 88-700-700 anytime.