• What is a YAZZ card?
    The YAZZ Prepaid VISA is a reloadable general purpose prepaid card that offers cashless convenience for all your transactions in all accredited VISA merchants worldwide, including online stores. YAZZ Prepaid VISA can also be used in all BancNet and VISA accredited ATMs.
    1. Why should I get a YAZZ card?
      The YAZZ Prepaid VISA is accessible and affordable for all! YAZZ Prepaid VISA is the only prepaid card in the country that you can buy in major malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, and book stores. It conveniently takes away the use of cash in certain situations and makes transactions more secured and easy! With YAZZ Prepaid VISA, you can:
      1. Shop at your favorite stores in the Philippines and abroad, as long as it’s VISA accredited
      2. Make online purchases – book your flights, buy game credits for online games, etc.
      3. Have a savings account without worrying on the maintaining balance
      4. Cheaper 24/7 money transfer alternative
    2. Is this a credit card?
      No. YAZZ is a reloadable prepaid VISA card. You must load the card with money before you can use it. But similar with a credit card, it can be used in all VISA accredited stores including online stores, whether in the Philippines or abroad.
      1. Where do I buy the YAZZ card?
        The YAZZ Prepaid Visa can be purchased at any of the following accredited distribution channels:
        1. National Book Store
        2. Robinsons Department Store
        3. The SM Store
        4. SM Supermarket
        5. Select ECPay Merchant Store
      2. How much is a YAZZ card?
        The YAZZ Prepaid VISA is only P300 with a FREE P50 load that can immediately be used.
        1. How can I apply for a YAZZ card?
          1. Simply visit any of the YAZZ Prepaid VISA Distribution outlet /store nationwide
          2. Ask the sales agent/ cashier for the YAZZ Prepaid VISA starter pack
          3. Fill-out the customer information sheet
          4. Present one (1) valid ID, and pay for the card. The following are acceptable valid IDs:
          1. Passport including those issued by foreign governments
          2. Driver’s license
          3. PRC ID
          4. NBI clearance
          5. Police clearance
          6. Postal ID
          7. Voter’s ID
          8. Tax Identification Number
          9. Barangay certification
          10. GSIS e-Card
          11. SSS card
          12. Senior Citizen card
          13. OWWA ID
          14. OFW ID
          15. Seaman’s book
          16. Alien Certification of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration
          17. Government office and GOCC ID (e.g., AFP, HDMF IDs)
          18. ID issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA)
          19. DSWD certification
          20. IBP ID
          21. Company IDs issued by private entities or institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC
          22. PhilHealth Health Insurance
          23. School ID
          5. The sales agent/cashier will register your card and advise you if the card has been activated and is ready for use.
        2. Who are eligible to get a YAZZ card?
          Any person of at least fourteen (14) years of age who can read and write, and possesses a valid ID may purchase a YAZZ Prepaid VISA.
          1. How do I load the YAZZ card?
            The YAZZ Prepaid VISA is a reloadable prepaid card. The customer has to load a peso value into the card prior to usage. The customer will provide his/her YAZZ Prepaid VISA 16-digit card number and the load amount to the sales agent.
            1. Where can I load my YAZZ card?
              Simply visit the following accredited distribution channels to load your YAZZ Prepaid VISA
                a. ECPay Merchant Stores (visit ECPay website at http://ecpay.com.ph/ for complete list of stores)
                b. National Book Store
                c. Robinsons Department Store
                d. The SM Store
                e. SM Supermarket
            2. Will there be a loading charge?
              A loading fee of Twenty Pesos (P20) will be automatically deducted from the loaded amount per transaction. Minimum load amount is One Hundred Pesos (P100) and a maximum load amount of Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000) per day per day, and One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000) per month per person. No other modes of payment except cash shall be accepted for loading.
              1. How will I check if my loading transaction was successful?
                The sales agent or cashier will confirm your load transaction and will provide you the Confirmation number of the said transaction.

                The Customer or his/her representative must, at all times, ask for the confirmation code from the sales agent as proof of a successful loading and as reference in case of disputes. The Customer shall endure the risk of loss and the Distributor and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company shall be held free and clear and without liability in the event of successful loading to a YAZZ Prepaid VISA card number that was erroneously provided by the Customer or his/her representative in the loading slip.
                1. How do I check my card balance?
                  You may check your balance through the following self-service facilities:
                    a. Customer Service Hotline - free of charge
                    b. ATM via Balance Inquiry - with corresponding fee
                    c. Metrobank Card Website (https://www.metrobankcard.com/) - free of charge
                2. Where can I use my YAZZ card?
                  You may use your YAZZ Prepaid VISA at any of the 40 million VISA accredited shops and online stores in the Philippines and abroad. You may also use it in all BancNet and VISA Accredited ATMs.
                  1. How do I use it to pay in shops, and any other establishments?
                    You just need to present your YAZZ Prepaid VISA to the cashier and sign the sales slip. To make payments and services worth P2,000 and below, simply tap your contactless-enabled card on the point-of-sale terminals with the contactless symbol.
                    1. How do I use it to pay or purchase online such as Lazada and other online shops?
                      Use it like a credit or debit card for online payments:
                      a. Select VISA as mode of payment
                      b. Input the following card details:
                        i. 16-digit YAZZ Prepaid VISA Card number
                        ii. CVC 2/ Card Verification Code 2 (the last 3 digits found at back)
                        iii. Card Validity Period / Expiry Date
                      c. Confirm the transaction.
                    2. What is a CVC/ CVC2?
                      The CVC or Card Verification Code is a 3-digit code that can be seen at the back of your YAZZ Prepaid VISA. This is found at the upper-right corner of the signature panel.
                      1. Why can’t I purchase or transact with my YAZZ card?
                        Before you make a purchase or a transaction, check your balance via the YAZZ Customer Service Hotline and Website. Please ensure that you have enough load to purchase the item you want to buy.
                        1. Can I use it for ATM transactions? Which ATMs can I use?
                          Starting April 7, 2021, fees for cash withdrawals and balance inquiries using YAZZ Prepaid VISA Card may vary depending on the automated teller machines (ATMs) you will use. Cardholders who opt to withdraw and inquire for balance at Metrobank ATMs will be charged a cheaper fee of PHP18 (withdrawal) and PHP2 (balance inquiry) from the current fee of PHP20 and PHP5.

                          The minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn via ATM per day will depend on the limit set by the acquiring bank. An ATM PIN must be first be assigned prior to your ATM transaction by calling the YAZZ Prepaid VISA Customer Service Hotline.
                          1. Is the YAZZ card safe to use in the ATM?
                            Yes. A personal identification number (PIN) has to be assigned prior to first ATM transaction. To facilitate the PIN Nomination, the Customer has to call the YAZZ Prepaid VISA Customer Service Hotline at (02) 87 373 333, 0918 909 3333 or 0917 800 5751 to assign his PIN.

                            The Customer may also change the PIN any time via the YAZZ Prepaid VISA Customer Service Hotline. The card will be blocked if the customer will key in wrong PIN for 3 consecutive times while using the ATM. The customer must call the Customer Service Hotline to unblock. The minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn via the ATM per day will depend on the limit set by the acquiring bank.
                            1. What if my YAZZ card is captured by the ATM?
                              In the event that a YAZZ Prepaid VISA unfortunately gets captured in any BancNet ATM, the card will not be returned and will be destroyed by the bank. This is a BancNet policy for unnamed cards like YAZZ.

                              Hence, the customer must report this to the Customer Service Hotline, and he/she must buy a new YAZZ Prepaid VISA and call the hotline again to request for the transfer of the remaining load from the old account to the new one.
                              1. I tried to withdraw through the ATM but no money was dispensed by the machine and the amount was already deducted from my account balance, can I still get my money back?
                                As a first step, the customer must report the incident or other concerns regarding such withdrawals to our Customer Care Hotline. YAZZ Prepaid VISA shall conduct an investigation based on the customer’s report. If the details of the report match YAZZ’ record of the transaction, the money shall be credited back to the customer’s account.
                                1. Can I use my ATM PIN for purchases that are requiring for a PIN?
                                  Yes. The ATM PIN can also be used for POS purchases and transactions.
                                  1. If I use my YAZZ card but my transaction was declined, what will I do?
                                    Please check if your YAZZ Prepaid VISA has sufficient load balance in order for the transaction to proceed.

                                    If you have sufficient balance and transaction is still declined, please dial the YAZZ Prepaid VISA Customer Service Hotline at (02) 87 373 333, 0918 909 3333 or 0917 800 5751 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.
                                    1. Is there a charge every time I purchase using my YAZZ card?
                                      None. There will be no additional fees when you use your YAZZ Prepaid VISA for all local purchases. Please refer to the Terms and Condition for the complete list of fees and charges.
                                      1. What will I do if I lose my YAZZ card?
                                        In case you lose your card or it gets stolen, you may call the YAZZ Prepaid VISA Customer Service Hotline at (02) 87 373 333, 0918 909 3333 or 0917 800 5751 to report the card as lost/ stolen, so that the card can immediately be blocked. This is to make sure that your card cannot be used by anyone else. Once your card is blocked, all remaining load will be put on hold.
                                        1. If my YAZZ card is lost or captured with load in it, can I get my money back?
                                          Yes. However, any purchase using the lost YAZZ Prepaid VISA before the card was reported as lost/ stolen/captured will be considered as a valid transaction done by the Customer. It is therefore important to report your lost or stolen card immediately.
                                          1. How can I get my money back from the lost card?
                                            After reporting and blocking the lost YAZZ Prepaid VISA, the Customer can request for the load balance transfer to another YAZZ Prepaid VISA registered under the same customer name; If the Customer has no existing YAZZ Prepaid VISA, he/she must buy a new YAZZ Prepaid VISA so the load balance can be transferred to the new card.
                                            1. What if I lose my card while I’m abroad, who do I contact?
                                              Call our Customer Service hotline to report the lost card.
                                              1. My card expired / was cancelled but it still has load in it, can I get my money back?
                                                For YAZZ Prepaid VISA with remaining balance but which expired or get cancelled/suspended for reasons other than fraud, the Customer can request for the load balance transfer to his other registered YAZZ Prepaid VISA, or may buy a new YAZZ Prepaid VISA. The transfer of the remaining balance will only be accommodated if the YAZZ Prepaid VISA is registered under his own name.
                                                1. I want to have my YAZZ card replaced but I want to have the same card number as my previous card, is this possible?
                                                  No. For security reasons lost/stolen cards cannot be reissued. Instead, you can request for a replacement card that will have a new card number.
                                                  1. Where will I forward the required documents if I need to change my personal information?
                                                    You may forward the required documents through email at [email protected] or fax at (02) 87371992.